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Tiltfactor uses its unique design methodology, Critical Play, to incorporate fundamental human values and psychological principles to promote learning, attitude change, and behavior change.

Tiltfactor investigates the power of story, systems thinking, and empathy to craft powerful experiences that make a difference in people’s lives: by reducing stereotypes and biases, promoting wellness, harnessing new forms of knowledge, and increasing global awareness, Tiltfactor’s approach revolutionizes new technology design for a better world.

We develop board games, card games, sports, urban games, and digital games for a variety of platforms, and publish both qualitative and quantitative research results from our controlled empirical studies.

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Digitalmill is a consulting and development firm focused on games, videogames, and their related technologies led by Ben Sawyer.

Based in Freeport, Maine, just north of Portland, Digitalmill helps innovative projects, works with great teams, and seeks to advance the use of games for entertainment, and non-entertainment purposes.

We help build all types & styles of games, offering useful collaboration toward final product. Our specialty is design & production for non-entertainment purposes such as education, health, scientific discovery, productivity, and more.

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