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Healthcare systems are changing

Now you can have fun learning about the dynamics behind important trends shaping health & health care:

Bill of Health is a board game where you must grapple with the dynamics of "accountable care" where fee-for-service is gone from healthcare and instead you must keep people healthier for an overall price whether they need an expensive surgery, or just smarter health coaching. 

Gut Check! is a party game where you and your friends battle to both give and receive quality care amongst a community of providers where provider quality rankings and how they are communicated is the key to both consumption and marketing of your healthcare.

Through gameplay, you and your co-players will enjoy the chance to explore, discuss, and learn how ideas like accountable care organizations, and quality health rankings are fostering new approaches to health care.

Each game is available FREE, in limited quantities, while supplies last.

To reserve your copy please fill out our simple online order request application.  

Each request is independently evaluated.  If you qualify, you will receive a free copy of Gut Check and/or Bill of Health courtesy of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The games are available to individuals, groups, schools, and conferences.  We favor usage that exposes the games to health-minded leaders, students, policymakers, and those who will introduce them to others.