Are these games really free?

Yes. Through generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation you can obtain free copies of the games to play, learn, and teach with. 

Our ask is that you don't just put them up on a shelf but take the time to play and enjoy them with others.

Will you ship the games outside the United States?

Within reason, yes.  Place your order and if there is a problem we'll contact you and figure out a solution.

Are there teaching guides and tools for the games?

Yes! We have created downloadable versions of our instructions, a facilitators guide and videos you can play that explain the game prior to a play session.

We ask you don't, and instead that you donate them to a school or other organization that might further play them and explore the issues they cover.

Can I resell these games?

Which game is better?

We love all our games equally.

If you feel that our teaching guides and tools for facilitators aren't enough (see above) we're happy to help.

There are people we can put you in touch with who would be happy to develop a workshop for you and your organization using these games.  Please visit our contact form to get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help you.

Do you have facilitators or people that can help us run a workshop using these games?

Are there other board games that explore health & health care?











I have additional questions and need to speak to someone...

Visit our contact form to get in touch with with any remaining questions.